About  this adventure:                         
          It all started when I needed a way to keep in     touch with all of my friends and acquaintances in     the cat fancy.   If it weren't for my good friend  Char-o Persians I would not have had the courage    or confidence to start this business.  Thank you Char.  You are such a wonderful friend. I  became a business in 2003, sewing  and vending my creations .

            I have been an Iron worker for 35 +  years.  This business allows me to keep in touch with my  artistic side.  I started selling purchased products in 2006 . It was not an easy decision to add these products to my custom hand crafted items. I researched the quality & liked what I saw in each of these products.

Thank You to  Eric King , our  friends & customers  for helping us to grow and serve the cat fancy better.

"Special  Thanks "
To Tony for being there, always loving, understanding and supportive.

You are my inspiration , best friend and husband.
Maine Logging
Artist of these two photos is unknown 

Maine Hunting Trip