Oh Christmas Tree 
Oh Christmas Tree

Yes A beautiful Ceramic 
Christmas Tree all lit up 

electric small candle light bulb
Illuminates this beautiful tree
all of the lights are lit in 
just a simple flick of the switch.

no mess no fighting with the lights
convienient to use and store..

Lap Quilt "Irene"
Lap Quilt "Norman"
 Throw quilt "Carli"
Neck & more aproximately  41/2"x 22"
Block--approximately  91/2" x 11"

Each Pad 
contains one or more of the following herbs
You Specify

German Chamomile ,  Lavender , Clove , Peppermint
Thyme , Nutmeg , Heather , Rose
Rosemary , Cinnamon

Barbara/ Neck/ Block

wonderful aroma...

Instructions included
People Products
Kitchen Essentials is our newest addition to our wonderful hand crafted people products.
Throw quilt  "Susan's Gabby"
Our Own
Herbal Therapy Pads are a wonderful way 
to assist in relieving tired aching muscles.
They are great
 in the Freezer as a soothing cold pack .
or zap in the microwave for 
one to two minutes as a relaxing hot pack.
Please use caution 
 pad may burn if too hot.
not intended for internal use or ingestion
Please store in plastic ziplock 
type bag when not in use

Quilts are as I have the time 
 usually fabric on hand.....
They are all made with the same love ,care and quality of my show curtains....

with one difference
each  comes with its own story as to the 
fabric pieces and wishful sentiments.
Here's hoping the demons are too busy 
admiring your quilt to bother your 
peaceful sleep.
The Barbara is about 2 1/2" W x 44" L   Photo to come

Oh the warmth of a home made Quilt 
Reminds me of yesteryear....

Ah sweet summer 
hand painted on a wonderful canister set

Maine made blue berry pie plate.
Kitchen Essentials
Made in Maine..
all are hand painted 
left is a delightful cranberry 
canister set.....

Made in Maine Planter

We will be adding more shapes and colors 
as time goes by

so please check back often
price is based on size and color
​         Golden Halo 
  Ornament with black
        Hexagon base