Faux suede & leopard print ,
 yes I am washable..
But please line dry me.
This wonderful lime green is so easy . 
Base, liner, divider,Top

Sweet Simplicity.

This style of curtains has many faces
Split (shown) or double cage

Picture to left is split cage view.
The double cage view is above. 
 Base under Earthy Tan Double vinyl Sturdi cage. base only

Base and top  with Earthy tan sturdi cage.
you can use the liner for a base and grooming space cover all in one.
Folding Table added under top curtain . 
This allows displays on top of the cage..
Cotton blend
Bridal Party Quality Gold Brocade
with gold ruffle and triple layer white lace
white and gold feather boa
gold liner divider panel 
Displayed here with grooming table cover.
Complete with Garment bag. 


Blue Gem
base,liner, divider, top
white and silver feather boa
with garment bag.
Actual  divider panel folded to give you a better idea
of the actual look of these curtains
All of our show curtains can be used on the Sturdi Double show cages..

  "Sweet Simplicity"


These pictures are of my personal  set.
You can see 
different displays